Sweet Science
King Of The Dirty Fight
Type Brawler/Melee Assault/Disruptor
Mobility 8/10
Toughness 8/10
Complexity 8/10
Primary Weapon Blitz Stance
Secondary Weapon Gravaton Stance
Tool(s) Hammer Fists
Active Skill Power Surge
Passive Skill Kinetic Shield
Block Gravity Well
Block N Load -Sweet Science03:07

Block N Load -Sweet Science

In the green corner, it’s Sweet Science! King of the dirty fight, Science has a trick or two for getting up close and personal. Equipped with gravity traps, packing devastating punches and able to disable, take Sweet Science seriously or face the consequences!

Hero Tip Help your team get a quick upper-hand. Sweet Science's Kinetic Shield reduces the amount of damage he takes when running. Sprint into your enemy's base and use your active ability, Power Surge, to disable your enemy's devices for a few seconds and allow your team to charge their defenseless objective.


Sweet Science, blinding 'em with science

Brawn/Melee fighter

150 Base Health

Mining tool: Hammer fists, average mining speed.

Primary: Blitz stance, a fast hitting melee with alt fire being a dash attack which can be charged for a large dash and area of effect damage. Alternate fire has 2 charges ready and 8 stored. 

Secondary: Gravaton stance, a slower but hard hitting punch,the alternate fire pulls enemies behind the position at which you activated the ability. Holds 1/5 ammo for Gravaton Grab.

Gravity Well: Costs 200 + 200x where x is the number of existing Gravity Wells. Gravity Well is a proximity mine that activates when an enemy shoots it or comes within close proximity. The Well sucks enemies in for a few seconds then deals 50 damage to all of the enemies near tSurge: Power Surge is the active ability for Sweet Science, when activated Power Surge heals Sweet Science for 50 health. Power Surge also deactivates all of the surrounding bombs, turrets and tikis in a 4-7(Scaling with level) block radius around Sweet Science at the area of activation.

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